<<<<   Announcing a New Intergroup of English-Speaking A.A. Groups in Mexico. It is a one-stop website to find any english-speaking website in Mexico. Eventually we hope to have all meetings listed also. Any meetings listed are included on the Meeting Guide App from GSO in New York. Click on this announcement or go to www.englishaamexico.org   >>>>

Meeting Guide App

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The New Grapevine

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The Free version offers the present and past 11 months of the Grapevine and LaVina to read, Sobriety Calendar, Daily Quote, Daily Spiritual Checklist and more.

The paid version adds access to all back issues of the Grapevine, read or listen to every issue, share articles with friends and more.

Can’t stop drinking?

If you can’t stop drinking,  If you repeatedly drink more than you intend or want to, you get into trouble, or you have memory lapses when you drink, you may be an alcoholic.

 Only you can decide. No one in A.A. will tell you whether or not you are an alcoholic.

Is A.A. for you?

Only you can decide if you want to give Alcoholics Anonymous a try — whether you think it can help you. We in A.A. came because we finally gave up trying to control our drinking.